About Us

We’re determined to make specialist workplace relations consulting & training accessible for all Australian businesses.

If you’re in business, you would have worked out that workplace law in Australia can be complex and time consuming to stay on top of. You may have even been caught out by not managing to stay abreast of changes, updates and the many obligations employers have.

All Australian businesses, no matter the size of your oganisation, need to understand and be vigilant with their statutory obligations including workplace law and other legislation (workplace health and safety to name just one). While small businesses employing 15 or fewer employees have some flexibility within the legislation, it is important to understand where you sit in the scheme of things and not be caught out.

Unfortunately, many organisations facing the regulators such as Fair Work Australia are small or medium sized. Why? We believe that it comes down to resources. Generally, only larger companies and organisations have had the resources for in-house workplace relations and HR support and/or in-house legal teams to consistently provide timely and strategic advice as well as review their policies, procedures and related documents to ensure relevancy and compliance.

That’s where we can help.

Drowning in Paper

Simpson Consulting can provide that support and advice.

At Simpson Consulting, we work with businesses large and small on a range of workplace relations matters and also offer training packages covering a range of workplace relations topics.

At Simpson Consulting, we provide professional, practical and tailored solutions for your people strategies and challenges through our Fee-for-Service based consultancy.

While our focus is on assisting small to medium sized businesses access the services usually only available to larger organisations with in-house teams, we understand that these services can seem daunting and costly. This is where our pre-agreed pricing provides peace of mind to our clients accessing our consulting services. No estimates. No ranges. No hourly rates.

We we also develop and deliver compliant and dynamic workplace training and workshops, designed to suit your business needs and delivered either onsite (yours) or at publicly run sessions around Brisbane.