Why do a HR Health Check?

Has your business been experiencing high staff turnover? Have you noticed that you keep making hiring decisions that don’t seem to work out? Are you concerned that you may not be compliant with relevant legislation? It might be time for a HR Compliance Check.

Simpson Consulting offers a HR Health Check, an easy to use online diagnostic that will assess your HR management performance.

It will enable you to review, plan and make adjustments to your HR practices enabling you to deal with issues before they arise.



How does it work?

Our HR Health Check steps you through a series of strategic questions designed to cover a wide range of employer to employee relations, assessing the current state of your HR management performance, business HR maturity and any limitations that may be affecting people performance.

Customised Report on your HR performance

Immediately upon completing the diagnostic, you will receive a comprehensive report providing you insights on:

  • Employer to employee relations
  • Human resource management procedures
  • HR maturity and quality of the business compared with industry best practices
  • Areas that are potentially creating issues and limitations for people in the workplace
  • Actions to improve people performance

HR Health Check will benchmark your business performance and the impact of managing your human capital against businesses of a similar size and maturity so you can assess your performance against industry best practice.

The report will provide you with a step-by-step guide and prioritised recommendations ensuring you build stronger HR practices within your business.

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