Contact Officer Training

Course Overview

Organisations that have contact officers and/or EEO officers demonstrate a commitment to their workers of both preventing discrimination and harassment and taking incidents seriously.

Our full day workshop will prepare contact officers to effectively and confidently perform their role. It will provide a greater understanding of what their role is (and isn’t), what defines inappropriate workplace behaviour and how their role can objectively assist employees (both complainant and respondent to a grievance) in managing the issues towards a resolution.

During this course participants will explore the skills required to be an effective contact officer.  This will include an understanding of your organisation’s policies and procedures regarding discrimination, harassment and bullying and will explore the internal resolution options as well as the relevant legislative framework.

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This workshop is designed for employees who are already or are in the process of becoming Contact Officers.

Note – The role of a Contact Officer is not defined by legislation and often varies from organisation to organisation. This program is designed for Contact Officers who have been appointed to provide information and support to colleagues. It is not designed for managers and supervisors responsible for resolving complaints.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this workshop participants should be able to:

  • Understand the role of an Equal Employment Opportunity/anti-bullying contact officer in their organisation, particularly in relation to complaint handling
  • Define discrimination, harassment (including sexual harassment) and bullying and explain the impact of it in the workplace
  • Understand the daily behaviour expected of a Contact Officer/ EEO Officer
  • Outline the options to take action and resolve concerns in your organisation
  • Explain the legal protections afforded to workers complaining of unacceptable workplace behaviour (protections against victimisation and adverse action) and workers accused of it (procedural fairness)
  • Meet with a person one-on-one and demonstrate effective communication and listening skills
  • Determine when a grievance or complaint should be escalated to a manager or HR
  • Understand their own potential strengths and areas for development as a Contact Officer/ EEO Officer
  • Maintain records of conversations and meetings held in their capacity of Contact Officer

Course Format

Course format is inclusive of facilitator-led discussion, individual and group activities, skills practice, templates and resources.

Duration: 1 day

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