Managing Performance

Managing performance is much more than just annual reviews. Businesses need to invest in their management and leadership teams to ensure that they are confident in initiating ongoing, two-way dialogue with employees about expectations, priorities and performance. The skills involved in coaching and managing staff are mostly learned and without the appropriate tools to manage performance, managers (and your organisation) can be open to bullying complaints and unfair dismissal claims. Investing in strong leadership training for your managers can help ensure the success of their teams and your organisation.

Course Overview

This program is ideal for those with an introductory knowledge of managing performance. Participants will examine the difference between performance and conduct and the importance of ongoing coaching and management of performance in both positive and developmental context.

This training is designed to equip your team leaders, supervisors and managers with the skills they need to provide developmental performance feedback to their staff in a clear and constructive way and to effectively navigate the performance improvement process.

An overview of the performance appraisal process and performance management tips will be also be provided. This course is interactive and will provide participants with an overview of the what, why and how of performance management.

Performance Coaching and Management



This program would be ideal for new HR professionals or those looking for a refresh and managers/team leaders and SME owners seeking an introductory course on Performance management.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define performance management and conduct in the context of the workplace
  • Understand how employee performance aligns with organisation goals and standards
  • Understand how to initiate performance feedback discussions both informal and formal
  • Prepare and run a performance improvement meeting with an employee, including documentation of meeting content, outcomes and follow-up required

Course Format

Course format is inclusive of facilitator-led discussion, individual and group activities, group discussions, skills practice, templates and resources

Duration: 1 day

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