So our HR Starter Pack grabbed your attention? Great! That must mean that you are one of the 2.3 million trading businesses in Australia. It must also mean that you are an amazing business owner wanting to make sure that you get all of your HR policies and process right.

Let’s be honest, wrapping your head around everything you need to have set up as you build a team can make you feel like you’re chasing your tail and getting nowhere. It can be so tempting to download an employment contract or generic policy off the internet to get it done quickly. But trust us when we say, unless you understand employment law, that free generic policy can end up costing you greatly.

That’s where we can help!

If you are getting ready to employ your first staff member, or you already have a small team and you have been putting off the mundane (we get it, what we do is boring!) task of setting up all of your policies and documents, our HR Starter Pack will save you time and stress.

We’re great at boring and even better at making sure your business is protected from dodgy HR documents and processes. We have put together key documents and checklists for you which are legally compliant, follow best practice and will be tailored to your business. On top of that, your documents will be updated free of charge when required e.g. a change to the legislation.

“Sounds great!” I hear you say?

In short, your HR Starter Pack will include bespoke documents containing all relevant content for your sector and workplace that is accurate, up-to-date and legally compliant. We will even personalise your documents with your company logo where appropriate.

We also have a Pay In Full Option (discounted) or an Instalment Option, so you get to decide what suits your cash flow needs.

After we receive your questionnaire responses back, we will tailor your bespoke documents including:

  • A HR Policy and Procedure Manual / Employee Handbook with a comprehensive range of policies and procedures
  • Free updates to your policies and procedures in line with relevant legislative changes
  • Employment contracts
  • Standard forms relating to employment e.g. leave forms
  • Guidance on how to implement all of the above including how to effectively on-board new staff and how to maintain documents and employee files
  • Email updates on changes to legislation or important case decisions relevant to your business

PLUS Appropriate Workplace Behaviour e-Learning modules for up to 10 staff members

*** EOFY special offer, purchase our HR Starter Pack (FULL PAYMENT OPTION) before 30 June 2020 and you will two (2) hours of phone/video consultancy (to be used within 6 months of invoice date) FREE of charge (valued up to $390).
Compliance and Best Practice Strategies For Your Business

Are you ready to get started? Amazing! Jump on over and choose your payment option of In Full (for a free upgrade to HR Starter Pack PLUS) or Instalment.