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How do I know if HR OnCall is right for my business?

We all have those do I or don’t I thoughts when making business decisions (especially the ones that cost money!). We see your business  partnering with us as a decision that acknowledges that your people are important to you, your time is important and that sometimes the most beneficial step for your business is knowing when to outsource the stuff that isn’t your area of expertise. That’s where HR OnCall and Simpson Consulting come in.

Once you have taken the step in subscribing to one of our HR OnCall packages, we encourage you to make use of this service. Access our ongoing professional advice and expert services upon demand – ranging from the “I just want to run something by you” to “help, we’re in a bit of a bind!”.

By subscribing and accessing the many benefits of HR OnCall, your business could prevent disputes and claims from developing and progressing.

Subscribe today or complete the below form and we will contact you to chat about which package and payment option suits your business best.

WR Assist Subscription Options
If annual payments aren't what you are looking for, you can also subscribe to WR Assist with monthly or quarterly recurring payments. Please choose your preferred billing frequency and we will invoice you to set up your recurring payments.

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